Who/Where We Are and How it Works

A bit about us...

City Bakers Collective was born in 2020 as an online bakeshop, started by sisters Jenna (Bakewell) and Alysa (Bayfield Provisions), who joined together with like-minded Toronto-area bakers to curate a monthly market of the flakiest, chewiest, crispiest, richest, fluffiest baked goods in one Happy Place! After great success with our concept over the last two years, we are taking a big leap and have opened our very own production kitchen and bakeshop (please visit our Kickstarter page to follow our journey!), located in the heart of Toronto's Danforth Village at 1352 Danforth Avenue (near Greeenwood).

Our hours at the retail shop are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10-5 & Sundays from 10-4.

The production kitchen is the permanent home of Bakewell and Bayfield Provisions. The shop happily offers an array of breads and sweet things from other local bakers from around the city - some are well-known, others are happy new discoveries!

In general, you will find a selection of breads, granolas, cookies, savoury pasties and pastries that rotate depending on our mood.... and so if you have your heart set on something for a special day, or have a specific craving, we would love if you would place an order so we make sure we don't disappoint! Many of the items on our website (especially the larger items like pies and cakes) are not usually available for walk-ins, or are in limited quantities.

Online Ordering:

1) Shop for treats from all of our bakers, either by visiting each bakers collection, or by category.

2) Select your pickup or delivery date and time (order by noon two days before your date!), checkout with one easy payment, and get ready for your pickup notice or delivery tracking on the requested day!

That's it! Pretty easy :)

**Please note delivery charges are $10 within a 5 km radius, and $15 up to 20km. Our delivery settings are currently limited to a 20 km radius - if you are outside our delivery zone, please send us an email and we will see what we can do to help!**

 If you have any questions please feel free to email us at


For existing or special orders:


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